Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight: Anti-Cool (Tomoko Freeman)

Posted on 26 January 2023

We have asked Anti-Cool (Tomoko Freeman) to contribute to our new Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight series, in which current Castlefield Gallery Associate members share their thoughts on what the programme offers and how it has been useful for them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?

“Every culture on the earth has at least one feature that is special and unique to itself.” I cite my work as a vehicle that invites the viewer to develop new understandings of peoples’ identities, beliefs and systems. Social systems and how peoples’ lives are influenced by our globalised society often feature as central themes. Through performance, visual arts and film, I immerse myself into local people’s lives. Through an ongoing exchange of dialogue, I integrate my own understandings into new artworks, telling the stories of marginalised people; borders that separate and the histories intrinsic to the landscapes of today.

How did you hear about Castlefield Gallery Associates and why did you want to join?

I heard of it through the people and artists I know in the North West. As an artist who undertakes artist-led participatory projects, I sometimes encounter difficult, unpredictable situations during the process of making. However, such experiences are both personally and artistically rewarding. At this point in my practice, I am hoping to gain new connections to help further such cross-cultural projects both in and beyond the North West. By becoming a part of the Castlefield Gallery community and sharing in its wider experiences, I hope to be able to achieve this.

What are you looking forward to most about your coming years membership?

I am particularly interested in talks with visiting artists/art professionals, raising topics which are imaginative but also relevant to the present state of the world. I am looking forward to meeting the other members and participating in the Open Table with Corridor 8.

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