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We are a contemporary art gallery and artist development organisation. Established in 1984, we’ve led the way in artist development for 40 years. We provide creative and career development, exhibition opportunities and commissions for artists and independent creatives.

We provoke new ways of thinking, bringing together artists, creatives, communities and audiences to explore the art and issues of our time.

We believe when artists and communities come together they can help shape a better world.

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Castlefield Gallery Associates is a membership scheme for artists, writers and independent creatives working in contemporary art.

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We have a dedicated team of gallery volunteers and we are always interested to hear from people who are looking to gain experience in a professional gallery environment.



Castlefield Gallery aims to operate with a regenerative mindset: seeing the world as built around reciprocal and co-evolutionary relationships where humans, other living beings and ecosystems rely on one another for health and wellbeing, and shape (and are shaped by) their connections with each other. We recognise that addressing the interconnected social and environmental challenges we face are dependent on rebalancing and restoring these relationships.

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40 Years of the Future

Discover our 40th anniversary programme!

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