Members Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the development of our previous Launch Pad programme into the CG Associates Members Exhibition. This will support members in the realisation of ambitious, exciting and timely projects by providing successful applicants with a budget of £2,000 and an exhibition as part of Castlefield Gallery’s main programme. This doubles the budget provided for Launch Pad and extends the exhibition duration by two weeks. More information about Launch Pad can be found in the Launch Pad archive

Members can apply to exhibit as a solo artist or  member of a group/collective, or to curate a solo or group project. In the case of group projects, at least one participating artist or writer or the curator must be a CG Associate. (Nb Castlefield will not curate a group show from individual applications.)

At least one exhibiting artist, or the curator, must be a member of CG Associates for the duration of the application process and the project.

Successful applicants may also want to apply for further funding beyond the £2,000 budget provided by the gallery, and we are open to receiving proposals which include a scaled up version of the project and budget should further fundraising be successful. To encourage members to factor in further fundraising and development activity, we list exhibition dates up to March 2020 below.

2018/19 Members Exhibition: Sources, curated by Joe Preston
15 February-10 March 2019
Artists: Omid Asadi, Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan, Jon Cornbil, Ross Little, Joe Preston, Ghita Skali, Harit Srikhao, and Tako Taal

This exhibition was selected by Castlefield Gallery Curator Matthew Pendergast and curator Dr Je Yun Moon.

Sources is the first in a new series of Members Exhibitions launching in February 2019. This exhibition was selected by guest selector Dr Je Yun Moon and Castlefield Gallery’s curator Matthew Pendergast from proposals submitted by Castlefield Gallery Associates. Dr Je Yun Moon is a curator and writer from South Korea working with art, architecture and performance. She has worked for Venice Architecture Biennale, Nam June Paik Art Center and the Korean Cultural Centre UK, and in 2018 was appointed Head of Programmes for Liverpool Biennial.

Sources features work by artists from a range of backgrounds, cultures and generations, undertaking diverse approaches to storytelling with photography, video and sculpture. At a time when ‘post-truth’, ‘fake news ‘and ‘alternative facts’ are household phrases, wherein experts, intellectuals and once-trusted news networks are met with suspicion and accused of bias, the selectors feel this outward-looking exhibition makes a strong case for artists to play an increasingly important role documenting and sharing the stories of our complex world.

Joe Preston is a Castlefield Gallery Associate and one of three 2018-19 Castlefield Gallery / Manchester School of Art mentees, selected by Castlefield Gallery’s Director Helen Wewiora from Manchester School of Art 2018 graduates for his exceptional promise as an artist, in particular as a film-maker.

2019/20 exhibition dates
8 November-1 December 2019
28 February-22 March 2020

Applicants for the CG Associates Members Exhibition should submit:

  • Project proposal (500 words max)
  • Artist info (250 words per artist max)
  • Images: maximum 12, or 4 per artist for group projects
  • Breakdown of the proposed budget (the gallery will provide up to £2,000; artists are welcome to supplement this from other sources.)
  • If appropriate, description of how you will scale up the project if you secure further funding (200 words max plus scaled up budget)

Castlefield Gallery will:

  • loan equipment where possible
  • provide curatorial input as agreed prior to starting the project
  • provide advice where needed on any aspect of the project
  • publicise the exhibition through the gallery’s website, e-newsletter, free listings and social media
  • organise a preview with refreshments
  • provide a budget of up to £2,000 which successful applicants can allocate as appropriate to cover artist fees, materials, documentation, travel expenses etc
  • provide invigilation

Castlefield Gallery expects the selected artists to install and de-install their projects with the support of our technician.

Image: Curio Curia, Marie Jones and Stina Puotinen 2017