Upcoming Exhibitions

Joey Holder, Semelparous, 2020

British Art Show 9


Hayward Gallery Touring’s landmark exhibition British Art Show 9 (BAS9) opens in Manchester from 27 May – 4 September 2022. … Read more

PIVOT: Editions 


Affordable editioned work by five artists based across the North West.  Read more

Recent Exhibitions

Archives at Play


Archives at Play is an exhibition exploring our relationship with the past, and how this informs the way we make the future.  At a time when it is more important than ever to challenge inherited ideas about ecology, equality, and identity, this exhibition uses archival structures – the ways we hold and engage with the past – as a tool for questioning the worlds we find ourselves within. Read more

Jocelyn McGregor: Mantle


Mantle: Exhibition Preview, Thursday 13 January / 6pm-8pm. Book a free ticket HERE  Mantle: Slow Saturday Preview, Saturday 15 January, 12noon-5:30pm. … Read more

John Powell-Jones: CYBERJUNK 


CYBERJUNK takes place on the planet Durt 1,000 years after the Quantum Crash: a botched experiment that saw the first humanoid quantum teleportation result in a disaster of apocalyptic scale. Read more