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40 Years of the Future: Painting

24 March 2024 — 23 June 2024

Artists: Sarah Feinmann, Tricia Gillman, John Hoyland, Jamie Kirk, Robin Megannity, Azraa Motala, Katie Tomlinson and Gary Wragg

Forty years ago, on 20 March 1984, Castlefield Gallery opened its doors. On that day, the gallery was proud to open with a remarkable exhibition John Hoyland: Recent Paintings. This March 2024, we are delighted to launch our 40 year anniversary programme with 40 Years of the Future: Painting

This show welcomes to the gallery large abstract paintings that were either shown or are representative of works exhibited in that first year of programming. The returning artists are Sarah Feinmann, Tricia Gillman, John Hoyland, and Gary Wragg*. Each will present their past work alongside more recent paintings and will be joined by four artists based in the North West who we feel are ones to watch: Jamie Kirk, Robin Megannity, Azraa Motala and Katie Tomlinson.

Over the last 40 years the continued relevance of painting and the superiority of figurative or abstract works over one another have been heavily debated. This exhibition brings together powerful examples of both, displaying a number of different approaches to painting. 40 Years of the Future: Painting presents works which focus on the relationship between the canvas and the body, made with freehand marks exploring movement, energy and space. Other pieces in the show draw from and incorporate elements of nature photography, diaristic fragments, computer manipulated imagery and shapes made with laser cut vinyl. Some of the works on display reference the histories and traditions of painting, reframing singular ideas around representation, identity and symbolism.

Don’t miss 40 Years of the Future: Painting at Castlefield Gallery, where you will encounter somber and intense works alongside the exuberant and bombastic. Whether you are a painting enthusiast or simply curious about what painting can do, this exhibition delivers a rich dialogue around the past, present and future of the medium, individual expression, the power of imagery and the politics of representation.

*Works returning to the gallery include: Carambola (1982) by Tricia Gillman, Harvest 6.3.81 (1981) by John Hoyland and Skid (1984) by Gary Wragg.

Watch now: 40 Years of the Future: Painting at Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery Curator & Deputy Director Matthew Pendergast and exhibiting artists introduce 40 Years of the Future: Painting in this video filmed and edited by Jules Lister.

40 Years of the Future: Painting is supported by:

With special thanks to Castlefield Gallery Commissioning Patrons Prof. Chris Klingenberg and Bridget and Richard Schilizzi.

A special thank you to Sam Cornish, Beverley Heath-Hoyland and Lee Taylor.

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