Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight: Maggie Stick

Posted on 14 August 2023

This month we have asked Maggie Stick to contribute to our Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight series, in which current Castlefield Gallery Associates share their thoughts on what the programme offers and how it has been useful for them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?

My name is Magdalena Kij, also known in the artistic world as Maggie Stick. I’m a Polish multidisciplinary artist and activist, deeply engaged with local migrant marginalised communities and public services. My creative work explores migration, identity, belonging, displacement, poverty, alienation, and oppressive systems. I draw inspiration from my Central and Eastern European heritage and personal experiences, combining these influences with elements of protest. I’m passionate about art and activism and I aim to challenge the status quo. Last year I performed at an antifascist protest in my hometown Kraków.
I’m privileged to have received mentoring from Franko B last year and this year. Currently, I’m collaborating on a show in London with a fellow Polish artist, Malgorzata Drohomirecka. Moreover, I’m developing a series of networking sessions for Central and Eastern European artists in Manchester.

How did you hear about Castlefield Gallery Associates and why did you want to join?

I heard about Castlefield Gallery Associates through University. I signed up at the beginning of 2023 to join talks and workshops, meet other creatives and receive support from the gallery. Recently, after finishing my BA in Fine Art, I got selected as one of the University of Salford Graduate Scholars and received another 12 month Castlefield Gallery Associates membership.

What are you looking forward to most about your coming years membership?

I’m very grateful that I’ve been awarded a scholarship. It means that I’ll receive regular mentoring sessions for a year from the gallery to assist me in developing my artistic practice. Also, I have already joined a couple of workshops and talks for associates at the gallery, and I found them very beneficial, so I’m looking forward to attending more in the coming year.

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