Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight: Adam Rawlinson

Posted on 13 December 2023

This month we have asked Adam Rawlinson to contribute to our Castlefield Gallery Associates Spotlight series, in which current Castlefield Gallery Associates share their thoughts on what the programme offers and how it has been useful for them.

Can you tell us a little bit about your practice?

Working primarily in oil paint on canvas my work looks at exploring the natural world and our place within it. Eluding to natural environments within my paintings, I uncover the vital relationship we have with everything that makes up the world around us. I am influenced by the role lichens and other fungi play in our ecology. Their often-unnoticed significance led me to adopting a more philosophical approach to working that leans upon ideas of existentialism. My paintings are spaces of contemplation that focus on both the individual and collective experience. My work is in thrall to Abstract Expressionism with a focus on the materiality of the paint and its application. I focus on communicating these ideas to an audience in such a way that uses abstract techniques to evoke an emotional engagement with my work. I am heavily influenced by the female participants of the movement as their contributions to the development of certain techniques inform those which I use within my practise.

How did you hear about Castlefield Gallery Associates and why did you want to join?

I am currently one of the University of Salford Art Collection Graduate Scholarship Programme awardees, which is run in association with Castlefield Gallery. Through this scheme I was able to access the benefits of being a Castlefield Gallery Associate. I was always keen to become a member due to the many perks it offers as well as the available opportunities for participation within its community. One thing in particular that proves to be invaluable is their regular communications that notify me as to what interesting things may be happening in Manchester and any possible opportunities for myself and others.

What are you looking forward to most about your coming year’s membership?

In the new year I am excited to further this participation within the programme through attending high quality events held at the Gallery, which supports and celebrates local and international artists.

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