Volunteer Spotlight: Justine Lesage

Posted on 20 March 2024

This month we have asked Volunteer Justine Lesage to contribute to ourVolunteer Spotlight series where we are asking volunteers to share their experience with us.

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers for their amazing work!

Hi Justine! Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been volunteering with Castlefield Gallery?

Hi! I started volunteering in October 2023 so 4 months ago. I am an artist based in Manchester and work in sculpture, drawing and painting. Originally I am from France and only moved to the UK a year and a half ago.

What made you want to volunteer here?

I moved to England after graduating from two BA, one in Fine Art and one in Art History. I have previously worked in museums in France and wanted to gain professional experience in the art world here so volunteering was a good way to start. I also wanted to connect with people who are interested in art. Castlefield Gallery seemed like a really dynamic place, quite central in Manchester’s art scene and very supportive of local artists. I enjoyed the exhibitions I saw here prior to volunteering so I was very attracted to the idea of getting involved and spending some time at the gallery.

What’s your favourite thing about volunteering at Castlefield Gallery?

I am quite a hands on person so I enjoy working on installations a lot. It’s super inspiring to see a show getting built and I love learning along the way. I also got to discover more of Manchester’s art scene through the gallery and met really cool people amongst the employees, volunteers and artists!

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of volunteering with Castlefield Gallery?

That it’s definitely worth it! It’s always fulfilling to be part of something and to feel useful, ans the people here make it even better!