Castlefield Gallery Associates/EOP Digital Pen Friends

Posted on 23 April 2020

Castlefield Gallery Associates and EOP (Birmingham), Eastside Projects‘ membership scheme, have teamed up to matchmake their members and generate new creative friendships during lockdown. Both organisations want to support their members in making work and having critical reflective conversations during this time where “normal activities” are subject to restrictions. Aimed at generating an ongoing support network and the occasional collaboration, these friendships are an open-ended invitation for artists to learn from one another and generate new responses to their situation.

The artist penfriends include Castlefield Gallery Associate George Gibson, member of zine collective Shy Bairns who have exhibited in New Contemporaries and Jerwood Collaborate!, and EOP Kelly Best, one of the 2015 Jerwood 3-Phase artists.

Fittingly, Castlefield Gallery Artist Development Co-ordinator Jane Lawson has been paired with EOP Programmer Amelia Hawk.

Castlefield Gallery Associates is continuing to run a full programme and provide support to members during lockdown. You can find more info about the scheme here.

The artist pairs are:

Heather Bell and Larissa Shaw
Instagram: @heatherbellphotography and @______ris

Bridget Coderc and Alex Billingham
Instagram: @bridgetimage and @billingham_alex

Pippa Eason and Kelly Best
Instagram: @pippaeason_

Sarah Feinmann and Helen Grundy
Instagram: @sarahfeinmann and @grundyhelen03

Sabrina Fuller and Brenda Hickin
Instagram: @sabrinasusanfuller

George Gibson and  Luke Routledge
Instagram: @georgegracegibson and @lukeroutledge

Jane Lawson and Amelia Hawk
Instagram: @msjanelawson and @amelia_hawk_

Jay Mulholland  and Matt Gale 
Instagram: @Mulhollandjay  and @matthew.r.gale

Olivia Rowland and Ambie Drew
Instagram: @oliviarowland and @ambiedrew

Lynne Shaw and Tina Finch
Instagram: @lynneshawart and @tinafinchart

Steph Shipley and Monica Perez Vega
Instagram: @stephyshipley and @monicaperezvega

Andy Smith and Yas Lime
Instagram: @artistandysmith and @Yas_Lime_ 

Ian Vines and Betsy Bradley
Instagram: @betsy_bradley