The Art World Exchanges Game

25 November 2017 / 2pm - 3:30pm

An elaborate, live-action role-playing game designed by Will Marshall in response to the themes of the exhibition, simulating the core exchanges involved in the production of gallery exhibitions.  

You will take on the role of either an artist, a gallery, or funding body. As the clock ticks, you must “network” amongst the other participants, build deals, form treaties, and exchange your way to the top. At the end of each turn, each gallery will present their exhibitions, and discover whose is the best.

·       The artists must vie to be in the shows, but must also spend time making their work.

·        The galleries must persuade the funders to give them money, so they can buy the best artworks.

·       The funders must invest wisely, deciding which galleries and artists are deserving of their money: who might bring them prestige or deliver further returns in tourism and the cultural wealth of the nation.

The game presents a satirical and unpredictable representation of the exchanges that take place in the art world, giving you first-hand experience of what goes on to create the exhibitions in the galleries we love to visit.  

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The Art World Exchanges Game is part of An Exchange of Sorts, curated by CG Associates member Will Marshall. Selected from CG Associates members submissions Launch Pads are short exhibitions or performances that punctuate Castlefield Gallery’s main curated programme providing artists, writers and independent curators with the opportunity to use the gallery as a test bed for the production, display and consumption of contemporary art. submissions. For more information about CG Associates visit