February CG Associates Session: Show See Say

26 February 2019 / 18:30-20:30

For CG Associates members only.

Show See Say are regular events in the CG Associates programme, providing members with the chance to present their work, test ideas and get critical feedback within a supportive group of peers. Members can either do a ten-minute Show and Tell presentation to the whole group or have a more in-depth half hour crit showing recent work or work in progress to a small group.

Our February session builds on the momentum and enthusiasm generated by January’s Peer Support session with a short Show and Tell presentation by John Powell-Jones, a longer crit session using Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process and a brief look at Next Steps for those wanting to setting up a peer support group.

The word “crit” makes many people nervous. Ideally it’s an opportunity for artists to be generous and supportive to their peers in helping them to fully realise their ideas; often in practice people find it hard to frame the most probing and useful questions constructively, and so shy away from them.

Critical Response Process is a way of making crits as useful and effective as possible. It was developed by choreographer Liz Lerman in response to her own frustration with the feedback she was getting, and has gone on to be used by artists, educators, scientists, theatre companies, dance departments, orchestras, laboratories, conservatories, museums, universities, corporations, and kindergartens.  It breaks crits down into a simple four-stage process emphasising dialogue and enquiry which gives artists a degree of control over critical feedback for their work. Critical Response Process has been described as “a method for getting useful feedback on anything you make, from dance to dessert.

Image: work by John Powell-Jones, exhibited on the International 3 stand at The Manchester Contemporary 2017