Terms & Conditions

Associates Annual membership terms and conditions

Application for membership is for twelve consecutive months. To help spread membership payment, Castlefield Gallery can accept equal monthly payments (new members must pay 6 months in advance, then pay the remaining monthly installments from month 7).

Members will be notified by email or by post on acceptance of their (first) payment, and received their welcome pack within 21 days.

Membership will have these benefits:

  • Opportunities to apply for three Launch Pad exhibitions a year at Castlefield Gallery
  • Access to temporary spaces via Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces scheme, which offers ‘pop-up’ project/exhibition spaces for artists and creative practitioners.
  • An hour’s one-to-one advisory session with a key member of Castlefield Gallery staff.
  • Access to professional development training and workshops, produced by Castlefield Gallery.
  • Members’ names and a link to their website/blog listed on Castlefield Gallery’s website.
  • Invitation to monthly CG Associates sessions
  • Invitation to Castlefield Gallery exhibition launches and events.

Membership benefits may be subject to change at any time. No refunds will be made.

Memberships are not transferable

Group membership

Groups can join CG Associates if they have an established and documented collaborative practice. Groups can only get slots for advisory sessions or ‘crits’ as a group, rather than individuals sessions, and can only apply for a New Art Space as a group. For certain events, e.g. if there is likely to be limited places, groups can only send one member.


Castlefield Gallery has an equality and diversity policy which aims to enable everyone to access the same opportunities and is backed by legislation to prevent discrimination based on prejudices against any group.