Trap at New Art Spaces: Warrington

Posted on 21 October 2022

Saturday 19 November 2022, 1pm/3pm/5pm/7pm
Venue: Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces: Warrington, Sankey Street (Old Marks and Spencer)
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Trap is an exciting and provocative new collaboration between artists James Colvin, Julia Griffin and Steve Sutton at New Art Spaces: Warrington.

It is an exploration of the relationship between a sculptural installation and the temporality of live performance. The work is a moving sculpture that consists of arranged tree limbs, creating an illuminated shadow landscape that shifts through different hues of colour. Tangles of bunched branches are woven into a metal cage that conceal the choreography of a slowly moving body.

Trap explores the concept of trauma as sculpture and it is also about humans and their relationship to the natural world and each other. It questions how we deal in an ongoing and durational way with affective states that may include the deep social ambivalence that seeps into the way we maintain the lives of ourselves, others, and the natural world we all inhabit.

This immersive installation runs for approximately 45minutes and is a ‘seated experience’. Please note that entrance to the performance space is via a flight on stairs with no lift access. The performance space is dimly lit and can get cold. We recommend that audiences wear warm clothing and are directed by our staff to their seats

Trap is part of Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival​ 2022.


Photo by Jules Lister.