The Art of Protest – The Story of Hongkongers at Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces: Warrington

Posted on 16 January 2022

Curated by Mei Yuk Wong and Ian Vines and featuring artists including; Juarts, Ka, Lum Li, Lum Long and Mei Yuk Wong, this timely project responds to the recent protests in Hong Kong, giving artists the opportunity to create new work which engages with events in the city and raising awareness among the wider public. The project demonstrates how art can be a form of activism. Indeed, the Hong Kong democratic movement is a significant example of this approach, from its iconic yellow umbrellas to street placards and posters. All the artwork in the exhibition is inspired by the story of Hongkongers, and how they fight for freedom in their homeland. 

Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years. In 1997, the handover of power to China weakened the power of the people. The Anti-extradition Law movement in 2019 was a critical development, with two million people protesting on the streets. It lasted for months until Covid restrictions kicked in, and China imposed the National Security Law in the city. The movement hasn’t ceased but many Hongkongers have left the city, some through the BNO visa offered by the British government. Some of the artists involved in this project were born in Hong Kong, and recently migrated to the UK. 

The exhibition consists of archive material from the protests in Hong Kong and the UK, plus artworks, ranging from paintings and graphic images, to sculpture, textiles and more. In addition to the exhibition, artists will also lead workshops and talks during the weekends at Culture Warrington venues. The audience can meet the artists, talk to them about their ideas and learn practical skills.

For enquiries about this exhibition and associated workshops email:

Artists featured include: Juarts, Ka, Lum Li, Lum Long and Mei Yuk Wong

Exhibition curated by: Mei Yuk Wong and Ian Vines

Exhibition Dates: 3-27 February 2022 

(Open: Thursday, Friday and Sunday 1-4pm, Saturday 1-6pm)

VENUE: Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces: 24 Sankey St, Golden Square, Warrington. WA1 1TD  (the former Marks & Spencer store ).

This project is funded by Arts Council England, and supported by Castlefield Gallery and Culture Warrington.