Salford Scholars 10 year celebration at The Manchester Contemporary 2023

Posted on 14 November 2023

Castlefield Gallery and University of Salford Art Collection are pleased to share that they will be at The Manchester Contemporary on 17, 18 and 19 November, celebrating 10 years of partnership on their Graduate Scholarship Programme.

Curated by Rowan Pritchard, Salford Scholars brings together the work of 5 recent graduate scholars Katie Aird, Mollie Balshaw, Jeffrey Knopf, Katie McGuire, and Adam Rawlinson, working across mediums including sculpture, photography, and painting.

We invite you to join us in celebrating 10 years of partnership, artist development, and over 50 Salford Scholars at The Contemporary this weekend. You can find us at booth 211 – we hope to see you there!
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40 Years of the Future – A talk by Castlefield Gallery Curator and Deputy Director Matthew Pendergast
19 Nov 2023 | 12:00 – 12:45 | at The Manchester Contemporary – Central 3 in main entrance

Come and hear about Castlefield Gallery’s 40th anniversary year of programming coming up in 2024 which will see the return of art works from the gallery’s very early days being shown alongside new works by a younger generation of artists. Matthew will discuss examples of how and why artists are finding it important to revisit and reimagine the past in their work and how this might inform the way we think about the future.

This is in the context of Manchester Art Gallery’s 200 year anniversary this year and 10 years of the Salford Scholars programme which Castlefield Gallery runs with the University of Salford Art Collection to support their graduates. Matthew will talk about how they are supporting artists across Greater Manchester and beyond, such as Jeffrey Knopf (whose work you will find on Castlefield Gallery and the University of Salford Art Collection’s booth at this year’s fair). Ultimately arguing for the value of both supporting artists and learning from their work at various stages of their careers.

Following the talk Matthew will be joined by Stephanie Fletcher, Assistant Curator at the University Salford Art Collection for a Q&A.