Day trip to Blackpool anyone?

Posted on 29 September 2015

Saturday 31 October, Blackpool

Northern Art Carbooty has announced the first ever Blackpool Art Carbooty programmed delivered in collaboration with Blackpool based ‘Squirrel and Tiffin’.   For more info and a full list of artists, including #Bigthings a new commission with Richard Shields and Harry Clayton Wright visit

The Derham Lounge and outside public space, Winter Gardens, 18 Coronation Street, Blackpool, FY1 4PB, 12-4pm


DIZYGOTIC LUMINARI’S: Unearthing the Lite Pool Dadaists Part 1, 2015

An artour (sic) devised by Mike Chavez-Dawson & Co*

Five bells ping in neon as the five chambers at the Grundy Art Gallery shine forth with illuminating propositions for Lucien & Lucy Bright, your art guides for one night only, they will take you on an insightful yet quasi-Dadaist illuminating art-tour of Sensory Systems; highlighting the thematic concerns and connections of the show and re-wiring it into Blackpool’s rich illumination history.

Grundy Art Gallery has commissioned Manchester based artist-curator Mike Chavez-Dawson to develop and deliver a unique theatrical tour of their current exhibition Sensory Systems. The project sees him collaborate with his wife Jane Chavez-Dawson, Coronation Street costume designer Tracey Cliffe, and emerging local actors. Dizygotic Luminari’s proves to be a truly fascinating experience, and something not to be missed.

There will be 2 tours at 3pm and 6pm.

Tickets £4 on the door

*** Both organisations have put on coaches between Manchester and Blackpool so check out their websites for info: