‘How The West Was Won’ – Yuen Fong Ling, Yeu Lai Mo, Mayling To & Wai Wan


‘How the West Was Won’ is an exhibition of the emergence of a new British art – Chinese style!

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‘Say Cheese’ – Contemporary Art From Zurich


This exhibition is the second part of an exchange project between artists in Manchester and Zurich. In May, four artists from Manchester (Nick Crowe, David Mackintosh, Ian Rawlinson and Martin Vincent) exhibited in Zurich. Now it is time for five artists from Zurich to explore and experience the city of Manchester and to present their work over here.

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‘Avant-Premiere’ – Pascal-Michel Dubois


Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present “Avant-Premiere”, a new work by London-based French artist Pascal-Michel Dubois.

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‘Paintings’ – Martin Murrey


To be a painter of Manchester – as well as a Manchester painter – in the late1990’s is to fly in the face of fashion and the collective wisdom of our age. Martin Murrey has aspired to be both and has succeeded with calm assurance. Working for several years in a studio between Piccadilly Station and the Mancunian Way he has established a dialogue with the life of the city. His pictures tackle the city’s buildings and streets head-on, making unequivocal art from the Manchester that today’s mancunians know – The Cornerhouse, Oxford Road, Mash and Air, Canal Street.

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‘In My Ladies’ Chamber: Revisited’ – Amanda Ralph


Amanda has produced a continuous series of self-initiated projects, nationally selected exhibitions and commissioned installations, working with several museums galleries and organisations throughout the UK in recent years. ‘In my ladies’ chamber: revisited’ is a culmination of her work to date and brings together work from a selection of projects, predominantly ‘In my Ladies Chamber’ at the Liverpool Museum and her most recent exhibition ‘Found Object Ensemble’ at Ullet Road Unitarian Church, Liverpool.

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