Zine Making Workshop

28 March 2023 / 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Limited capacity. Please pre-book HERE.
£3  / free  for anyone on a low-income and for Castlefield Gallery Associates.
This is an in-person event at Castlefield Gallery.

Throughout Castlefield Gallery’s exhibition Archives at Play 2, artists George Gibson and Grace Collins will be collecting written wishes from gallery visitors. In this workshop participants will make some of these wishes come true through zine making.

A zine (like magazine!) is a short publication that might contain photos, texts or drawings. These DIY publications are one way of sharing ideas directly with other people, without needing to go through a publisher. For this reason, zine making has often been embraced by groups who can’t access mainstream publishing and want to do things their own way.

Join Grace and George for the evening to create zines in response to the collected wishes.

Archives at Play 2 is the second in a series of exhibitions, taking the Castlefield Gallery archive as a starting point to think about how re-imagining the past opens new perspectives on the future. The past we live in matters. Through statues and paintings, music and images, the cultures surrounding us shape our values and visions of the future, impacting how we understand one another. The artists in this exhibition look at history from different perspectives, finding new narratives from the past to the future.

Grace Collins (they/them) is an artist and artworker based in the North West of England. They create art with other people, support artist-led activity, ask lots of questions and listen to people’s answers. With a bit of luck, this means creating spaces for justice and expanding our idea of what the world is allowed to look like.

George Gibson is an artist and bookmaker interested in archiving niche fanaticism in print; obsessed with obsessions. Previous publications have explored cryptozoology, queer retellings of Godzilla, the brief history of ‘Goblin Mode’, and an evaluation of the psychological impact of the hit 00s science fiction drama LOST.

*Image: Castlefield Gallery archive, photo by George Gibson & Grace Collins.