‘What’s In A Name?’ – FREE

17 September 2003 / 18:00 - 20:00

We look at art, we wear art, put flowers in art – or is it craft? Does it matter what it’s called? Do craftspeople want to be called artists? Is there a clearly defined moment when craft becomes art? Can a useful object be called art? Textiles can be worn or hung on the wall – what’s that called? When does a wooden bench become art (A: When it’s made by Jim Partridge).

The boundaries are blurred; the beat goes on…. Join our panel of leading craftspeople and artists at Manchester Craft & Design Centre to debate these weighty matters.

To book your place and receive further details about the debate and how to become a member of the Makers Network, contact Janine Hague at info@makersnetwork.co.uk

Makers Network, The Department Store, 5 Oak St, Northern Quarter, M4 5JD
0161 834 8882.