We Are Abundant: Creativity and Resilience

26 March 2019 / 18:30-20:30

For Castlefield Gallery Associates only

Join creative practitioner Lydia Catterall, three days before the scheduled Brexit day, for a session on Creativity and Resilience. Whatever happens between now and 26 March, or after, these qualities will come in handy.

Lydia’s workshop encourages artists, curators and writers to explore how they can sustain themselves and their practices by mapping the resources at their fingertips. “You’re richer than you think. Amidst a culture that values the biggest, loudest, richest voices, what does it look like to invest more deeply in what you’ve already got? In this session, we will explore the idea that using what you have doesn’t necessarily keep you where you are. We’ll spend time looking at the three steps to resilience, uncovering the resources that we already have and those that are closer than we think, getting practical with our priorities and hearing how others manage to strike that elusive ‘balance’.”

Lydia Catterall is an artist, collaborator, connector and researcher and based in Leeds. Her work aims to reveal, support and champion the people, practices and processes that transform the make-up of where we live.