‘Versus’ – Mark Briggs & Peter Knowles, Chris Jones, Tim Jones

1 November 2002 — 29 November 2002

“VERSUS” challenges the values and conventions of the gallery space – Chris Jones makes miniture objects and photographs of waste and plant life that hide in corners and unexpected places. Mark Briggs & Peter Knowles have created “Car (Parked)”, the lifesized form of a Ford Escort under a car cover is a reminder of the ghostlike fate of the space that Castlefield Gallery now inhabits.

“VERSUS” subverts the new museum experience – Tim Jones interferes with the general public in “The Misanthrope” when he turns the traditional welcome mat into an object of abuse. The artist states “FUCK OFF instead of WELCOME reiterates the distopian view of mankind. Placed at the entrance of the gallery so people can wipe there feet. It is almost justifyably so”.

“VERSUS” is the antidote to the hi-tech-interactive-singing-dancing-gallery experience in the fall-out of this years explosion of gallery and museum openings in Manchester including URBIS, Manchester Art Gallery, and The Imperial War Museum in the North. Come to Castlefield Gallery and wipe your feet in defiance or agreement!