Soft Bodies

20 March 2020 — 1 November 2020

This will be our first exhibition when the gallery reopens.

The exhibition takes its title from soft-body dynamics, a field of computer-generated graphics which create simulations of soft materials such as muscle, fat, hair, vegetation and fabric. Involving both figurative and abstract works the exhibition will reference the body in relation to technology, politics, gender, race and sexuality, and will gesture towards bodily experiences that are beyond language.

You can see all the works, including links to video pieces, in the exhibition guide, and find out more in Sara Jaspan’s article for Creative Tourist and  Castlefield Gallery curator Matthew Pendergast’s reflections on the exhibition.

You can also download the pdf version of George Gibson’s book ‘Other Kin’.

Featuring the work of artists; Emma Cousin, Stine Deja, George Gibson, Aliyah Hussain and Anna Bunting-Branch (Potential Wor(l)ds), Robin Megannity, Sadé Mica, Jake Moore and Semi Precious, Sam Rushton, Megan Snowe, Xiuching Tsay.

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With special thanks to Commissioning Patrons Jo and Allan Melzack.

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Image: Jake Moore and Semi Precious ‘Other Life’ (2019) film still.