Thumbs Up events Saturday 1 February

1 February 2020 / 13:00

On 1 February 2020 we will host two events to help you gain a unique insight into the process, production and collaboration behind our brand new exhibition of work by artists Michael Beard, Frances Disley, Harry Meadley and Leslie Thompson.

Artists tour and talk

13:00– 14:00

The four artists Michael Beard, Frances Disley, Harry Meadley, and Leslie Thompson, will lead a tour of the exhibition. They will discuss the ways in which their works interact within the space and the ways that they have collaborated on the display, and worked alongside each other on the development of works for the exhibition during an extended period of research, process and experimentation.

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Panel discussion


Join Frances Disley and Harry Meadley, who will participate in a panel discussion with the academic and technical experts from the University of Salford who have advised and contributed to the development of the exhibition; Dr Catherine Thompson, Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology, Michael Lomas, Lecturer in Environmental Psychology, and Professor Philip James, Professor of Ecology.

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Dr Catherine Thompson

Catherine is a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology. Catherine’s research focuses on visual cognition and her main areas of interest include how viewers focus their attention effectively and the factors that influence what captures their interest. More recently Catherine has been investigating “cognitive enhancement” and “cognitive restoration”; the concepts that it is possible to improve mental processing and performance using exercise and by engaging with natural environments.

Dr Mike Lomas

Mike is interested in the individual experiences of attachment to place and mental health, in the context of neighbourhood regeneration. His current research seeks to develop a greater understanding of the relationships between people and place during periods of change, and the impact this may have on psychological well-being.

Michael is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Salford. He is also currently completing his PhD with Sustainable Housing and Urban Studies Unit, where he has also contributed to several projects as a research assistant.

Professor Phillip James

Phillip has developed an expertise in ecosystem ecology and urban ecology. In addition to his teaching and research activities he leads the Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre within the School of Environment and Life Sciences, investigating how the processes of natural variability and man-made change work. The Centre’s research helps partners to deliver responsible environmental management for multiple benefits such as conserving wildlife, understanding the consequences of environment and climate change, and recognising the opportunities offered by urbanisation.

This discussion will offer a unique insight into the experimentation, research and process behind the new exhibition Thumbs Up, in consideration of the insight and expertise they have drawn on to influence the work they have produced and the methodologies and theories that have shaped the exhibition presentation.

The event will also be captured live, through sketch, by Leslie Thompson who will be documenting the panel session.

The event will be relaxed and seating will be provided.

Thumbs Up, produced by Castlefield Gallery and Venture Arts, with the support of the University of Salford Art Collection.

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