This will give you something to dream about at New Art Spaces: Warrington

9 February 2023 — 9 March 2023
Artists: garments, styling and curation of the window display by Little Nell, photos by Harvey Mountford, sculptures and bags by Tutti Frutti Faux

Little Nell presents an exhibition of looks inspired by the Netflix original Emily in Paris. After recently binge watching the series and being blown away by the costume and the pivotal role it plays in the show, Little Nell designed a handful of garments using their typical processes of upcycling and reworking second hand clothing. The brand strives for a vision of sensational looks created from previously unloved textiles. The clothing used takes the characters from script to screen, enhancing the social context of the drama portrayed. Little Nell is often inspired by couture, fashion houses and editorial tableaux. Emily in Paris offers the opportunity to take inspiration from featured design houses such as Chanel, Louboutin and Dior.

Sophie New, the designer and maker behind Little Nell graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2016 and has since focused on the idea of wearable art alongside organising exhibitions, events and fashion shows.

Sophie New was awarded the Theo Fennell award for Overall Excellence in 2016.
Little Nell frequently collaborates with other creatives, as seen here & is available to buy at Vintage Viola just round the corner in the Fishmarket in Warrington.

Venue: Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces: Warrington (window space), Sankey Street (Former Marks & Spencer building)