The Manchester Ear – Castlefield Soundwalk

22 March 2022 / 18.00

For Castlefield Gallery Associate Members only

Artists Hayley Suviste and Ryan Woods will lead an evening sound walk exploring the acoustic environment of Castlefield Gallery and its immediate location.

The composer, radio artist and sound ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp described a sound walk to be

‘a listening exercise that helps us become aware of our immediate acoustic environment. It is also about the aesthetic pleasures of listening. Listening to sounds we might otherwise have missed; listening to the rhythm of sounds; listening for the unique voice of a city’.

Hayley and Ryan take Westerkamp’s description as a framework for their ongoing collaboration The Manchester Ear; exploring ideas of acoustic ecology, deep listening and environmental responsibility whilst highlighting the well-being benefits for those taking part.

Introducing the Manchester Ear, Ryan and Hayley will walk very slowly for 45minutes moving from within Castlefield Gallery to the surrounding area. Following the walk they will invite participants to share their reflections on the experience and its potential for aiding creative practice.

If have any access requirements please get in touch with to enable us to support your participation in the event.