Talk with Tamas Banovich

22 November 2003 / 14:00 - 16:00

Together with Magdalena Sawon, Tamas Banovich, is co-owner and co-director of Postmasters Art Gallery in New York. Postmasters has been in existence since 1984 and is committed to showing young as well as established artists of all media.

In a still predominately technophobic art world, Postmasters is one of the few galleries committed to showing art associated with new technologies (digital and multimedia works). It began with the now seminal, “Can you Digit?” – an exhibition of digital projects on 30 computer stations that took place in March 1996, and “MacClassics (the immaculate machines)” in September 1997. Another recent project “Behind the Firewall” took place in April 2000, and an exhibition of “etoy.CORPORATION” in May 2000. In 2001 they showed works of Ken Feingold (May) exploring the issues of artificial intelligence and of Wolfgand Staehle (September) – an important show of live web transmissions by this pioneer of the net art.

During his talk Banovich will be discussing Postmasters Gallery, digital technologies, the current climate of the New York art scene and the development of a market for digital media arts and surrounding issues.

For further information on Postmasters Gallery see the website at: