Summer House @ Castlefield Gallery: Malgras|Naudet

24 September 2010 — 10 October 2010

The artists who have come together for this project will link Castlefield Gallery with an artist led space in Monterrey, Mexico, transforming both spaces into franchises of the commercial art gallery Malgras|Naudet. Each artist will make work from instructions sent by another without consulting each other on approach, the results will form the exhibits in each franchise. The artists will begin by using shamanic Mexican ceremonies to bring Malgras and Naudet to life from the pages of Zola’s novel The Masterpiece before turning the galleries in to temporary homes for their dealerships. The project will culminate in the presentation of the works made in an exhibition entitled The American Trick in which one work will hang illuminated and in isolation from the rest, apparently elevating its status above that of the others in the space.

Malgras|Naudet Launch Event: Thursday 7 October, 6-8pm – ALL WELCOME

More on the artists: As yet, the collective has no name, perhaps one will emerge this summer. Their hope is that working together will render imperceptible, not themselves, but what makes them act, feel and think. Having been thrown together by their kidnappers they initially resisted their ideas but, just like a Patty Hearst, they quickly realised that they were right. Each of them is only a mirror of Bloom and it is precisely thanks to the radical inhumanity of the workers’ existence that a human collectivity can be founded. Currently they are three artists based in Manchester, one in Bristol, and one in Monterrey, Mexico. They came together to work on a script for a radio play to question individualism, personalisation, and authorship through a process of blurring the boundaries between each other and between the organisational structures of the art world. In June they presented the first outcome of their collaborative practice as part of A Theatre to Address at Arnolfini, Bristol.

To see more images of the exhibition and launch event please visit our Flickr Site