Summer House @ Castlefield Gallery: Home and Away

27 August 2010 — 5 September 2010

Home and Away is an exhibition including the work of Ting-Ting Cheng, Joanna Zylinska, Chu Yin-Hua, Alexandra Wolkowicz and Barney & Lucy Heywood, who use photography and video to ask poignant questions about spatial identity, geographical belonging and the passage of time. Suspended between dream, memory and imagination, the projects in the exhibition offer a poetic reflection on the movement of bodies and minds across cities, continents and cultures in the age of globalisation.

More on the artists: Cheng’s practice focuses on the relationship between objects, environments and our emotions toward them using a combination of images and text. Cheng (b. in Taiwan) completed the MA in Photographic Studies, University of Westminster, London. She has received a number of photography awards and has exhibited internationally, including New York, London, Berlin and Taipei.  Zylinska teaches media at Goldsmiths, University of London. The author of books on a variety of cultural issues, from spiders and cyborgs to plastic surgery and bioart, she combines writing with photographic art practice. Her photo projects have appeared in the book Interfaces of Performance and journals such as Rubric and 20×20. Recent exhibitions include SolidStates/Liquid Objects (with Nina Sellars) at Shifted Gallery, Melbourne.  YinHua is triggered by personal experiences of travelling between different cities and develops various methodologies in photography to observe urban life in order to design an organic space. YinHua is currently doing a practice based PhD in photography at University of Westminster, London. Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist currently resident in Liverpool. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories. Her intervention with things and situations found is to alter, adjust and reconstruct the familiar in order to create moving, thought-provoking and poetic representations.  Barney & Lucy Heywood, a brother and sister duo, have been working collaboratively since 2007. Their work is situated at the borders of filmmaking, theatre, fine art, and design. Their award-winning short films have been screened at a number of UK film festivals and exhibitions. They have developed a close working relationship based on the pooling of their combined talents as accomplished video artist and professional playwright.