Summer House @ Castlefield Gallery: Association: Call out to Collaborators

13 September 2010 — 23 September 2010

Throughout the summer Association will send out a series of invitations to artists in Manchester. Each invite will be a carefully considered gesture and the responses may take the form of a piece of work, conversation, further questions, or in some instances, nothing at all. The direction of Association’s project at Castlefield Gallery, is reliant on the intervention of others. The artists will arrive at Castlefield Gallery armed with the responses they receive and embark on a week of activity; digesting, collating and responding to their replies.

Call Out to Collaborators Launch Event: Wednesday 22 September, 6-8pm – ALL WELCOME

More on: Association is a fluid group of artists, which expands and contracts as the situation dictates. The core members of the group are Nina Chua, Ying Kwok and Jessica Longmore who instigate and facilitate a series of collaborations between artists and the public. The group emphasises the importance of the individual artist and does not follow a common ethos or manifesto. Instead they propose, present, tackle, challenge and refine ideas within the group and direct them towards the process of making new work. Association was formed in 2009 to explore the psychological implications, as well as the creative potential of collaboration. Since then, they have been Artists in Residence at Islington Mill, Salford in March 2010.