Sneha Solanki – Artists Talk

13 August 2022

For Castlefield Gallery Associate Members only

Artist Sneha Solanki is interested in the emergent, precarious and the overlooked. She regularly employs horizontal methods of cultural agency and citizen science, and often works in process-based environments; producing events and projects that utilise low-tech, open and collaborative methods to engender knowledge. She has engaged with the invisible signals emitted from military bases, with plants, computer viruses, microorganisms and synthetic life. Her ongoing work EATING | THINGS has grown from a family project documenting the journey of two children as they start to learn and eat edible ‘things’ from ‘outside’. Starting in 2010 when the eldest child was a year old, the project became a method to ‘grow’ knowledge as the children grew. The project has extended out to an intergenerational project to grow, deepen and develop knowledge and culture through shared learning, exploring foraging as a means to enable resilience, develop new knowledge and feel empowered within the larger food system.

Join Sneha for a talk about her practice, sharing her approach to working intergenerationally and developing collaborative approaches to knowledge sharing.

Image courtesy Sneha Solanki, EATING|THINGS