Showing and Telling

28 April 2015 / 18:30-20:30

For CG Associates members only.

The April CG Associates session will feature Show and Tells from Jai Chuhan, Naomi Kendrick, Alistair MacDonald and Emily Rusby.

Jai Chuhan uses vivid colour to explore materiality and dissolution, depicting the human form including the nude body in shifting architectural spaces, reflecting multicultural cities, feminism and the transcultural. She is currently working on an essay for an  issue of the Journal of Contemporary Painting published by Intellect Journals.

Naomi Kendrick sees each drawing she produces as both a visual and psychological journey, in which a conversation between mind and mark takes place. In collaboration with musicians and psychologists she uses suggestive influences such as sound, and hypnosis to highlight, enhance, and even alter the states of mind traveled through during the development of a drawing.

Alistair MacDonald is a filmmaker exploring the different ways in which digital video can be used to investigate remote landscapes and the “materiality” of the digital medium. He is currently working on the problem of when a landscape is no longer a landscape.

Emily Rusby’s practice over the past two years has looked at the nature of globalisation in an increasingly networked world. More recently she has begun to focus on on the role of data and information and the role it plays within our everyday lives, using installations facilitate this.

The session will be on Tuesday 28th April, 6:30 to 8:30 at Federation House and be followed by a Farewell to Federation House social at the nearby Angel pub, 6 Angel Street, M4 4BQ