Show See Say: March Castlefield Gallery Associates Session

30 March 2021 / 18:30-20:30

For Castlefield Gallery Associates only

Show See Say are regular events in the CG Associates programme, providing members with the chance to present their work, test ideas and get critical feedback within a supportive group of peers.

In our March session, Louise Garman and Ivona Torovin will talk about their experience of being put together as artist pen pals in the Castlefield Gallery Associates/Europia artist exchange last year. We’ll also have short presentations from Katie McGuire and Dann Waggett.

Louise Garman creates experimental multi-media images with the volume turned up to the max….Post apocalyptic dreams and nightmares…Sexually, societally, psychologically charged scenes in drawings, video, installation, silkscreen, photos, solar plate etching and sculpture.

Louise contrasts opposites like ugliness and beauty, life and death, black and white, harsh and tender. Her art deals with abandoned and neglected secret places – the ageing Dungeness nuclear power station, the beautiful and brutal Saddleworth Moor, and the derelict side of Salford and Manchester. She wanders round these unwanted places, drawing, photographing, videoing and collecting forgotten items that have been tossed aside. She then juxtaposes and layers the images together, creating new displaced themes.

Ivona Torovin graduated in 1996 from Poznan University of Fine Arts with Man FA (Master of Fine Arts) in a range of Painting. She is a visual artist, working mainly with acrylic paint, making murals and prints. Her works have been exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Austria and UK (Manchester, Bury, Cheadle and Gatley). Ivona also blends her creative practice with working in a local Primary School and tutoring at the Artsy Armadillo Art Club in the Wythenshawe Community.

Katie McGuire will show work that she has been developing to explore sculptural/materialistic connections to industrial environments. She has an interest in researching materials and removing them from their supposed domain, hand-manipulating them and installing in a new environment to create investigations around their purpose and adaptability or reaction to new industrial settings. Katie s monitoring the project’s development through photographic and sketched documentation, exploring the juxtaposition and/or connection between the second and third Dimensions.

Dan Waggett is a Fine Art Graduate and Scenic Art MA Graduate, with 3 years experience in theatre film and TV. His paintings, made using the same techniques that he uses as a scene painter, have a theatrical narrative, exploring themes such as the passing of time, mortality and the ephemeral. Dan is interested in anthropology, particularly from the Neolithic period, and the drive to create that led  early human settlers to create a rich visual culture.