Show See Say III

22 November 2016 / 18:30 to 20:30

For CG Associates only

Short Show and Tell presentations from Roger Bygott, Stan Dickinson, Jane Fairhurst and Sophy King

Roger Bygott will show work made during his recent residency at SIM in Reykjavik. Bygott responded to the grey and rainy weather with Indian Ink, black volcanic sand, and paper; as the residency developed he started subverting the text and images in Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida using collage and ink washes.

While Stan Dickinson’s practice is, essentially, grounded in digital photography, he looks to extend and blur the boundaries of what we understand as photographic. New Photographic Chemistry began with the purchase of a fifty-year-old chemistry textbook and has led him into a creative process involving layers of physical, digital and photographic manipulation – even burning and fabric printing. The outcome is colourful and seductive, yet short on significance beyond its making – like so much of the photographic imagery that flows past our eyes everyday!

Jane Fairhurst makes work with glass domes with a hole in the dome, exploring the ‘escape’ from the dome and very much inspired by the very inventive and humorous masks of the yup’ik (not UKIP!!) Inuit peoples.

Sophy King works in both the urban landscape and the natural world.  She creates site-specific interventions to capture the unique qualities of a place and draw attention to them, making work that is concerned with the relationship between people and their environment.  She looks at the characteristics that make a place special, as well as those that foster a sense of attachment and belonging.  Her participatory work involves temporary events and installations that allow people to inhabit the artwork and make connections to their space and each other. She has recently completed an I-Park residency in Korea.