Show See Say II

28 June 2016 / 18:30 to 20:30

For CG Associates only

Critical feedback is an essential part of any artist’s development; in this session, Jasmir Creed, Annabel Crossley, Anthony Ellis and Diana Terry will get feedback on their work in a small group crit.

Following a residency at Paper Gallery exploring the landscape traditions of China and Europe, Diana Terry has developed ever larger drawings. A collaboration with Jasmir Creed has brought about a proposal for an exhibition called Edgelands. Creed and Terry will be getting feedback on work in progress for this exhibition.

Annabel Crossley’s performances question the blurring of online and offline realities, bringing offline certain behavioural traits seen on social media sites. Crossley will be getting feedback on three performances:
FaceOpera is created from a conversation on Facebook in which the performers are asked to immediately react to to create a scene.
607s and Revine form a single installation exploring how people play up to the camera either through moving or still image, showing performers holding a pose while life around them unravels.
10800s shows a 3-hour performance in which the performer is trapped in an endless cycle of repetition.

Anthony Ellis’ research encompasses artistic practice, writing and typography, focussing on two key areas: the formal and material properties of written and spoken language and, more recently, rhythm and urban spatial practice. Ellis will be getting feedback on two recent films:
Deansgate–Cornbrook – currently in the final stages of editing, this piece explores poetic and linguistic slippage across the space of two Manchester tram stops; and
Rhythmanalysis: Notting Hill Carnival – this work uses Henri Lefebvre’s rhythmanalytical method to explore the sense of place of the Notting Hill during and after carnival.