Show See Say

29 March 2016 / 18:30 to 20:30

For CG Associates only

Critical feedback is an important part of any artist’s development; in this session, four CGA members will get feedback on their work, either in a short Show and Tell presentation or a more in-depth small group crit. Confirmed artists are Nicola EllisHolly Rowan Hesson, Helen McGhie and Lauren Sagar.

Nicola Ellis’ practice examines attitudes and traditions surrounding the function of welding processes and use of steel in sculptural, industrial and bespoke fabrication applications. Her recent sculpture presents ‘weld’ as a material in its own right, employing aspects of the electric arc welding process traditionally considered as improper or problematic as devices to inform and shape the work.

Holly Rowan Hesson will talk about new work made specifically for two very different solo shows over the last two and a half months:  a six room site-specific installation following a short residency at &Model in Leeds and Assembly, a site-specific installation  at Bankley Gallery (preview Friday 18th March 6-8pm)

Helen McGhie will show work in progress from Final Girl. The finished work will consist of a dual-screen video installation (produced in collaboration with local actors) and accompanying images to explore the photographic gaze. The Final Girl is the image of the female survivor in horror films. “She is the one who encounters the mutilated bodies of her friends and perceives the full extent of the preceding horror and of her own peril; who is chased, cornered, wounded […] She alone looks death in the face” (Carol J Glover, “Men, Women and Chainsaws”, 1992)

Lauren Sagar will show work from her current touring project Call for Cloth, which takes contributions of “cloth stories” and weaves them together, in  the form of fabric, stories and photographs, to build a  shared yet deeply intimate group narrative.