‘Recent Paintings’ – Alex Ramsay

16 March 1991 — 10 May 1991

Alex Ramsay’s paintings are unashamedly sensual and teeming with life. Their initial impact is one of richness, exuberance and a degree of chaos. Figures, fish, birds, boats, cats, children, mermaids and barking dogs are amongst the characters that fill the picture surface and jockey for position.

Preventing these images from falling apart is a skilful command of composition and colour. Shapes are flattened and locked firmly to the picture plane, and despite the energy and complexity of images, there emerges from the best of them a satisfying clarity- a feeling of dynamism held in tow.

Ramsay’s use of familiar symbols, such as fish, ladders and moons, escapes the corniness that has characterised their appearance in much painting of recent years. Free from heavy associations, these elements seem to be enjoyed for their decorative qualities and the simple pleasure of their shapes.

Thoroughly enjoyable paintings such as these are a pleasure to behold. This is expressionism having a good time….