PureScreen #16: Beta Test

8 December 2006 / 18:00 - 20:00

Featuring artists: Samantha Donnelly, Monika Dutta, George Drivas,
Karen Guthrie, Eleanor Morgan, Alex Pearl, Kelly Richardson, Tom Schón,
Antti Tanttu, Samuael Topiary & EE Miller, Patricia Walsh.

The selection of works, drawn together from the PureScreen open submission call, examines the various ways that artists engage with ideas of action and performance. The content and production methods of the films vary: from use of hand drawn and abstract animation techniques; to cinematic devices used to animate the inanimate; to more ‘traditional’ cinematic aesthetics and ideas, which serve to highlight the avant-garde and experimental.

A wide range of cultural, historical and political references, are deployed in exploring the tensions between action, performance and the audience. Some of the films explore behaviours derived from emotional reactions or situations, while others adopt a more formal approach, with ideas borrowed from performance history and contemporary dance.


1. Marmairein Samantha Donnelly / Manchester, UK / 3’ 04”

2. 6 Goats Monika Dutta / Aberdeenshire, UK / 1’ 30”

3. Beta Test George Drivas / Athens, Greece / 12’ 40”

4. Welcome To Karen Guthrie / Cumbria, UK / 5’

5. Sticky Things Eleanor Morgan / London, UK / 4’

6. Dance Alex Pearl / Melton, UK / 1’

7. Automatic Film 1 Alex Pearl / Melton, UK / 4’ 30”

8. The Sequel Kelly Richardson / Gateshead, UK / 1’ 09”

9. Heimatfilm Tom Schón / Braunschweig, Germany / 2’ 40”

10. Solitude Antti Tanttu / Helsinki, Finland / 4’

11. Gum & Tea Samuael Topiary & EE Miller / New York, USA / 4’ 30”

12. Breath Patricia Walsh / Lancaster, UK / 5’ 55”

Bureau Gallery,
Ground Floor, Islington Mill, James Street, Salford. M3 5HW. Bus stop on nearby Chapel Street. Buses from Piccadilly: X34, 36, 37, 12, 26.

PureScreen is Castlefield Gallery’s screening event for artist’s film and video. Curated from open submissions, the programme provides a platform for outstanding recent work and aims to support new and emerging practitioners.

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