PureScreen # 15: Making Up For Lost Time

10 November 2006 / 18:00 - 20:00

Featuring artists: Hamish Dunbar & Jack Holden, Dave Griffiths,
Romeo Grunfelder, Sachiko Hayashi, Jim Hollands, Rob Kennedy,
Andrew McAllister, Simon Rodgers, Marilyn Whittle.

PureScreen #15 draws together a selection of works from the open submission call to examine the various ways that archival materials are used and dislocated from their original purpose and intention, revealing new readings, meanings and questions.

Some artists revisit and utilise their own footage from previously made films in order to create a new film, some manipulate found footage and others simply plunder Hollywood imagery and popular cinematic conventions to create new narratives or process based works, in an attempt to reveal and de-construct cinematic structures and perceived narratives of mainstream cinema. Some appropriate imagery to use purely as a source of abstract and graphic forms.

This programme of moving-image collage explores the material and aesthetic qualities of archival and antiquated footage, and their effect on the viewer, in evoking a sense of time and nostalgia and playing with ideas of memory, history, fact and fiction.


1. Colours Hamish Dunbar & Jack Holden / London / 13’

2. Love is a Burning Thing Dave Griffiths / Manchester / 7’ 40”

3. Desi’re – The Golden Reels Romeo Grunfelder / Berlin / 3’ 40”

4. Boop-oop-a-doop Sachiko Hayashi / Sweden / 5’ 16”

5. Barenzirkus Jim Hollands / London / 7’

6. Eden Rob Kennedy / Glasgow / 1’ 49”

7. Making Up For Lost Time Andrew McAllister / Toronto / 8’ 56”

8. Jazz Mixx Simon Rodgers / London / 6’ 30

9. Nowhere Man Marilyn Whittle – Nowhere Man (1’ 40”), UK

Bureau Gallery,
Ground Floor, Islington Mill, James Street, Salford. M3 5HW. Bus stop on nearby Chapel Street. Buses from Piccadilly: X34, 36, 37, 12, 26.

PureScreen is Castlefield Gallery’s screening event for artist’s film and video. Curated from open submissions, the programme provides a platform for outstanding recent work and aims to support new and emerging practitioners.

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