‘Print Out: An Exhibition By Printmakers Using Information Technology’ – Max Davison, Eric Greatrex, Carole Key, Simon Lewandowski & Jim Nobel

4 November 1993 — 4 December 1993

Although there have been some uses of the computer in the field of art for a good three decades now, it is only within the last few years that a more widespread curiosity has led to a growing exploitation of creative potential.

This exhibition identifies a group of artists working as printmakers in the vanguard new developments with only in an innovative way but also in a way that honours traditional printmaking practice. Because of its proximity to graphic reproduction processes, there is almost inevitability that it is printmakers that have assimilated new technology into their working processors. There is also an irony in that any emerging aesthetic become entrenched within the competence of printmaking, a discipline that in the past has tended to defer to painting.