Peer to Peer: UK / HK – Ways of Being Together

8 September 2022 / 6:00-8:00pm

Live event with performance and video screening 


Karen Yu (Hong Kong)  – Omid Asadi (Manchester)
Lazarus Chan (Hong Kong) – Kelly Jayne Jones (Manchester)
Kong Kee (Hong Kong) – John Powell-Jones (Manchester)

Part of Peer to Peer 2022, Castlefield Gallery is working with Hong Kong Art Centre (HKAC) to co-present the work of six artists: online on the Peer to Peer festival website (live 26 Sep – 9 Oct) and through two live events (Castlefield Gallery Sep 8 and HKAC Sep 16).

The artists were put into pairs and invited to get to know each other’s work. During the two events the artists who will be physically present in their home cities will stand in for those that are absent, in an attempt to embody their work for the audience. The aim of this project is to help the artists contextualise and communicate their work to a distant audience and to explore ways of connecting, exchanging and being together – on and off screen.

For the event at Castlefield Gallery, Omid Asadi and Karen Yu will open a dialogue over the internet which will interact with pre-recorded material and live performance incorporating the artists’ readings of poems and literature in their native languages (Persian and Cantonese). John Powell-Jones will introduce a short video work made in collaboration with Kong Kee, in which the world of Kee’s Dragon Delusion will be explored through the eyes of Atamur, an avatar that recently appeared as the central character in Powell-Jones’ Web Wide World comic and interactive art work. Kelly Jayne Jones and Lazarus Chan have been creating digital avatars exploring the possibilities of connecting people with new technologies and shared digital spaces. At Castlefield Gallery, Jones will deliver an immersive performance with sonic elements; considering ‘Morphic Resonance’ and the potential for actions no matter how small to have repercussions and connect us across the globe.The performance will include a film made with Kevin Craig, a Manchester based artist, designer, animator and Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Limited capacity. Please pre-book HERE.
£5  / free  for anyone on a low-income and for Castlefield Gallery Associates. Booking limited to two tickets per person.

The project is supported by Arts Council England: