Panel Discussion – Artists and the Law

13 September 2007 / 18:00 - 20:00

More on the Speakers:

Jai Redman is an artist and environmental activist. He currently works as Creative Director at UHC in Manchester – the politically motivated art and design co-operative he helped found in 2002. His personal practice spans painting, sculpture and large scale installations, including This Is Camp X-Ray – a working recreation of the US internment camp, relocated to inner city Manchester.

Nottingham based Ange Taggart from My Dads Strip Club plays with her demographic as a ‘middle aged female shopper’ to successfully carry out un-authorised, issue-based interventions. Tesco’s, Starbucks, Virgin and Coke have all been subjected to her creativity. Performing throughout the UK, Europe and the US has meant her work has been witnessed by CCTV camera operators worldwide.

Louise Janvier became involved in the relationship between law and art following her solo exhibition at the Minster Church, Preston during which time her work was scrutinised by the army. Janvier uses site-specificity to test out where the perimeters of art and the law overlap to create slight shifts in perception.