‘Paintings, Drawings & Prints’ – Tim Hyman

30 April 1993 — 12 June 1993

As a painter, writer, lecturer and exhibition organiser, Timothy Hyman has done much over the last decade to revive interest in narrative painting. In Hyman’s case, the narrative is usually autobiographical with subjects drawn from everyday domestic incidents or events of special personal significance. He is essentially an urban painter, and the streets of London provide a backdrop to many of his pictures. The appearance of his paintings owes something to German Expressionism, particularly Kirchner and Beckman. Space and perspective are handled with freedom, buildings teeter and sway to a dynamic pictorial rhythm.

Like Alfred Hitchcock, Timothy Hyman appears in all his own pictures, sometimes disguised within the fabric of the painting and only emerging after careful scrutiny. Hyman is in addition a prolific draughtsman and included in the exhibition are examples of the results of a recent residency at Sandown Races.