‘Paintings’ – Basil Beattie

23 January 1993 — 6 March 1993

An exhibition by artist Basil Beattie can be seen at the Castlefield Gallery, 23rd January–6th March. The exhibition shows recent paintings by Beattie, a British abstract painter who was influenced by American Abstract Expressionism early in his career, and has gone on to paint his own personal vision of abstraction.

This exhibition of Basil Beattie most recent work brings together characteristically large painting with Beattie work there is a strong sense of the enjoyment of paint, surface, colour and gestures which he attributes to the influence of American Abstraction Expressionism at an early stage in his career.

What is evident in this exhibition is the discussion Beattie creates about the relationships between the artist and the painting, the painting and the viewer, and also between paintings, as is displayed between the two large canvases Present Bound and Black Watcher, which created a dialogue across the spaces of the gallery. Despite the differing scale the pieces have a presence, which is equally demanding. His shapes appear at times solid but also as mere outline hinting at large structure, block or buildings.

Basil Beattie has committed himself to a personal view of abstract painting through years of changing styles and fashion. It is this uncompromising approach which has held him in high regard by other artists and which is only now earning him the curatorial and critical acclaim he deserves.

Basil Beattie was born in Hartlepool in 1935. He has exhibited widely throughout the UK and abroad, and currently divides his time between painting and teaching at Goldsmith College in London.