‘Painted Perceptions’ – Peter Lewis, Danny Markey, Liam Spencer, Robert Welch & Thomas Watt

4 June 1994 — 10 July 1994

The rooftops of Ardwick are not everyone’s idea of an inspiring subject for a work of art. However, with the help of a little sunshine and a painter’s touch, this unpromising material is transformed into vivid celebration of colour and light in Liam Spencer’s painterly interpretations of 90’s Manchester.

The paintings form part of the forthcoming exhibition at Castlefield Gallery, a selection of five artists who make paintings as a direct response to the visible world. They are a welcome addition to the memorable images of Manchester’s smogs, clogs and cloth caps by Lowry and Vallette. Although nobody would pretend that all is well in the inner city, these vibrant pictures reflect the optimistic mood of the city, and its growing importance as artistic centre.