‘Official Visa Olympic Artist For Britain’ – David Hiscock

12 September 1992 — 24 October 1992

An exhibition of works produced for the Olympic games Barcelona 1992
Presented by the Castlefield Gallery 12 September – 4th October 1992

During the Barcelona Olympics, David Hiscock represented Great Britain as official Visa Olympic Artist. At Eastgate, the Castlefield Gallery presents a series of 12 Cibachrome prints produced for this year’s games.

Hiscock studied sculpture, painting and photography at St Martins College of Art. His work reflects these disciplines, often attaching photographs to wooden panels and treating their surfaces with graphite, paint, sand or metal.

The human figure in motion is central to Hiscock’s work. While media attention is focused on the high drama of sporting events and personalities, the artist prefers to treat athletics as anonymous. Instead, Hiscock concentrates on the sheer physical exertion of sport, using this as a metaphor for human endeavour.

‘In an Olympic year, sport moves millions of people, but it takes a great artist to go far beyond the immediacy of the battle won and lost’.

‘David Hiscock has produced images that will last well after the high fevers of these games have subsided’. – Francis Hodgson