Nature, Archive & Anarchy

21 April 2022 / 6pm-8:30pm

A conversation with Marion Smith & Pooja Kishinani, followed by performances by Kelly Jayne Jones & Hannah Ellul

In an evening of connecting to nature and to ourselves as part of nature, Kelly Jayne Jones presents different ways of thinking about – and listening to – the traces we leave in the environment.  With a deep curiosity for how we interact with our environment, the event coordinated by Jones is informed by the climate crisis, and new ways for people to gather and commune.

The event will open with a grounding meditation by Kelly Jayne Jones.  Marion Smith & Pooja Kishinani will then introduce their Student Guide to the Climate Crisis, a handbook addressing the emotional impact of climate grief, and a way of connecting your emotions to research and action on the climate emergency.  Marion and Pooja will present the handbook before opening the floor to conversations around bringing emotion, research and action together.

After a short break, Kelly Jayne Jones will be joined in a performance with Hannah Ellul, a Glasgow based musician and artist.  Hannah explores listening as an activity that might recasts the barrier between ourselves and the things in the world, that instead inflects our encounters with the places and bodies that surround us in unexpected ways.  Hannah has previously worked with Castlefield Gallery as a part of Dancehall 11 in 2015.

Through the evening, in performance and discussion, we will be connecting ourselves to the traces we leave in the world, and the traces it leaves in us.

“All that you touch, you Change.  All that you Change, Changes you.”
Octavia E. Butler

Limited Capacity. Pre-booking recommended. Tickets: Free – £3 + booking fee. Book at eventbrite

Image: Kelly Jayne Jones, ‧͙+ ̊*・༓☾ ☽༓・* ̊+‧͙ , 2022. Courtesy Rob Battersby