‘Modern Times: Paintings 1979-1989′ – Clyde Hopkins

26 May 1989 — 8 July 1989

Clyde Hopkins has exhibited in many major one person and group shows since his emergence as one of Britain’s most interesting abstract painters in the late 1970’s.

This exhibition consists of a selection of work from 1979 to the present day. It takes its title from one of the paintings, which reflects much of the work produced in this period.

The artist uses lively gestural drawing expanded over large areas of colour to produce these monumental paintings. Some of this work has elements of graffiti and street art, which communicates underlying concerns of the modern age whilst maintaining a strong essence of beauty and mystery. Other works appear to more openly challenge the spectator by using the more brutal qualities of paint.

This is the work of a very honest and sensitive artist who has responded to changes in both himself and the outside world and retained his integrity.