Material Matters

31 July 2022 / 11am - 4.30pm

As part of Castlefield Gallery’s ongoing engagement with questions of sustainability, we are hosting a day of workshops with artists sharing research, knowledge and practical skills around using organic, recycled and compostable materials in creative practice. From exploring the potential of bioplastics as a drawing medium to considering the sensory properties of fabric and the sculptural forms of paper.

Coinciding with The British Art Show 9 currently being held across the city, the event touches on themes of alternative economies and emphasises commonality, collaboration and non-hierarchical ways of organising and sharing our knowledge that encompasses the neurodivergent world.

Artists hosting workshops include Rachael Colley, Sarah Evelyn Marsh and Maisie Pritchard.


Artist and maker Rachael Colley will explore possibilities of working with food waste to create bioplastics, using them to ‘draw’ and test ideas through brushed surface textures and by forming extrusions to create 3D designs. Led by Rachael, the workshop group will discuss the plasticity of materials, considering the preciousness of plastic and how we can change our approach to design.

Limited capacity. 11am-1pm. Please pre-book to attend Rachael’s workshop via eventbrite. Donation / free for Castlefield Gallery Associates


Artist and Educator Sarah Evelyn Marsh will be sharing the making process behind her ongoing project The Sensory Tool Kit. Using found and repurposed materials Sarah creates tactile sculptural forms for sensory seeking individuals from babies to children and adults. Join Sarah throughout the day to create your own sensory forms. Using calico and other hand-picked fabrics; hand-stitch and knot forms, or rework shapes pre-made by Sarah. Experiment with weight, scent and texture to create something that heightens or calms your senses.

Drop in to the gallery between 1.30pm – 4.30pm to join in with the making. Donation / free for Castlefield Gallery Associates
This workshop and Maisie Pritchard’s workshop will be happening simultaneously.


Artist Maisie Pritchard will be exploring the potential of paper and cardboard as a sculptural material. Part of Maisie’s commission for A Modest Show, her workshop at Castlefield Gallery is a precursor to a weekend of making at Paradise Works where participants are invited to create cardboard dinnerware with Maisie informing a new sculptural work. The workshop will explore design and making processes by giving low value waste materials such as paper and cardboard a new lease of life, transforming them into sculptural design objects. Participants will learn how to use a new material and technique developed by Maisie as a part of her visual arts practice.

Limited capacity. 1.30-4pm. Please pre-book to attend Maisie’s workshop via eventbrite. Donation / free for Castlefield Gallery Associates
This workshop and Sarah Evelyn Marsh’s workshop will be happening simultaneously.




All workshops are free for Castlefield Gallery Associates to attend.

*Image: Sarah Evelyn Marsh, 2021