Mapping Water: A Cyanotype Workshop with Kimiā Collective

16 July 2023 / 12 - 3pm

This is an in-person event at Castlefield Gallery.
£7  / £5  for anyone on a low-income and free for Castlefield Gallery Associates.

Please pre-book HERE.

Having been integral to the research and experimentation phase for her Hybrid Futures commission, Jessica invited the Moroccan duo for this public workshop in order to explore some of the themes and processes of their work within a Manchester landscape. Join the three artists to explore different ways of mapping water using the cyanotype printing technique. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a distinctive cyan-blue print. It involves coating a surface with a light-sensitive emulsion which turns blue when exposed to sunlight.

This workshop will invite participants to experiment with cyanotype printing to map the movements of water and engage with its ephemeral and ever-changing nature. We will start by having a walk along the canals, observing the movements of water and taking note of the shapes it creates. Then, working outdoors, we will play with different ways of registering the movement of water on sheets of paper pre-coated with cyanotype emulsion. 

At the end of the session, we will assemble the different prints together to create a collective map. Each participant will then be able to take their prints home.

This event is part of Hybrid Futures, a multi-part collaboration focusing on climate, sustainability, collaborative learning and co-production between Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, Touchstones Rochdale, University of Salford Art Collection and Shezad Dawood Studio, and generously supported by Arts Council England and Art Fund.

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