Keeping Going

24 February 2015 / 6:15

February CG Associates session: Strategies for Sustaining Your Practice with Trevor Pitt
NB This event is for CG Associates members only

This session will take place at Federation House

This will be a practical workshop in which participants will define what it means for them personally to have a sustainable practice and develop strategies for thriving as an artist.

Trevor Pitt is an artist-curator based in Birmingham who has been devising socially engaged projects in public contexts for over 15 years. His work emerges from the social and cultural context within which it is produced and he adopts a spectrum of collaborative strategies and methods of enquiry. The ‘context’ always means involving people as collaborators and active agents in the making of the work and the ‘making of meaning’. He works as an artist, a commissioner, a curator and a consultant, dependent on the nature of the role he takes within the dynamic of the project.

In 2009 Trevor founded POD Projects as a platform for his collaborative ventures with artists, organisations and publics. He is currently working with mac birmingham on ‘The Open Project’, an ongoing project that explores democratic and collaborative approaches to curating through the organisation of a biennial Summer open exhibition that occupies the whole building and with Craftspace on the development of a new performance piece Yarning that will premiere in 2015.

Image: Salon Bench Newcastle-Gateshead (2010) A collaborative project with Josh Wrigg as part of a Flock of Benches