Keep It Complex: Let there be Light

25 November 2018 / 2pm-5:30pm

Join art collective Keep It Complex for an enlightening lantern making workshop.

This workshop event will involve making paper lanterns decorated with your political hopes and fears for 2019, or perhaps just soothing patterns if that’s what you feel you will need. This will be followed by a short walk with the lanterns around Castlefield Gallery. Coinciding with Castlefield Gallery’s exhibition The Ground Beneath Your Feet this event aims to foster informal conversations around the themes in the exhibition and issues important to Keep It Complex; including the links between food, agriculture, migration, feminism and work.

The event is suitable for all ages and abilities – everything you need will be provided but please feel free to bring any scraps of translucent paper you might want to use.

Keep it Complex is a collective of cultural workers who formed during the EU referendum campaign in 2016. They work collaboratively to run events, workshops, facilitate discussion and create campaign materials, often using traditional artistic formats such as exhibitions as support structures for other cultural work. For The Ground Beneath Your Feet they have produced new merchandise and campaign materials, funds raised from sales will go towards their third annual activation, Nothing Ever Changes, in January 2019.

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NB. The Ground Beneath Your Feet exhibition features work containing the following mushrooms: grey, pink, white and yellow oyster, enoki, lion’s mane, panellus stipticus, reishi, and shaggy inkcap. Visitors with related allergies or respiratory conditions are advised that mushroom spores may be present. 

Please plan your visit accordingly.